House No.1
Our Main Project : Some Details

My Dad made a wood construction for the floors, which looks quite sophisticated for someone as ignorant as me.
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This is the opening he constructed for the stairholes.

Click the picture for a closer view.
In the ground floor, which will be the servant's area with a kitchen, workshop, and storage rooms, we'll leave the ceiling uncovered, in order to keep my father's "ceiling beams" visible.

The joints of the whole structure are never glued or nailed: my dad used handmade wooden pegs. For the final assembly we will use glue, though.

These strips will make the window sills in the wintergarden. Into these holes the vertical profiles that hold the acrylic glass will be inserted.

My Dad made these doors and doorframes from wood strips. We will use butterfly hinges.

He takes each wall out to put the door in.

The Frames are cut from molded U-profiles.
Making Stucco

We tapewired and painted the groundfloor wall (offwhite). The servants' area will have raw walls. It is collected sawdust, mixed it with acrylic paint and wallpaper glue. He put that onto the prepainted walls.
I think we need one or two more coats of a more powdry paint to cover that - maybe offwhite acrylic color with some talcum powder in it...