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House No.1

Our Main Project: A Selfdesigned Mansion

The Shell
The Inside
Some Details
The Plan

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June 2007

living room

Ceiling beams and other woodwork have been stained. All windows built in. The doors are almost finished.

March 2007

living room
The future parlour
small window
One of the
upper windows,

The upper storeys are waiting to be decorated

Feb 2007

upper floors
Upper Floors

Now that the shell is basically built, everything has been unassembled.
Window holes have been cut.
The Groundfloor has been electrified and we have started to decorate the walls.

April 2006

front with paper windows

Front with window templates made from paper. Sticked onto the front in order to try out the best solution for the arrangement of the architetural elements.

Feb 2006

playside I playside II

The "Playside" is almost finished.

My Dad used wooden pegs to join walls and horizontal stripwood. The whole thing is very sturdy.
We thought that we should preassemble the shell before we finally decide on the exact locations of windows, doors and chimneys.


Our Builder

papa I pap II

Feb 06
Finally up from the couch and down at his workbench!


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