As long as the house is not ready for moving in, some of the little garden items are kept in this paper box. This and more will go into the small chamber below the balcony, which will be used by our little people as their garden shed.
I built the little room in June 2002 as a birthday present for my father.

This is just a provisional "home" for the cacti family. Most items are little finds from flea markets and souvenir shops. The straw hat came from the "Spreewald", so did the rusty bucket. Tools and table were bought in Berlin. I made the crate, the plants, and the little potting scene.

This plant is going to be moved into another pot
I saw a scene like this in a mini shop and decided to save the money and do it myself. The plant is Fimo, the newspaper a printout from the Internet. The dirt is a mix of coffee and tee, once more grinded and then baked (got this tip from the SmallStuffers - a very helpful community. You find them on my link page.) The "shovel" is just a piece of a match with some metal jewellry left over.

The Cacti
They are made from Fimo. I rolled it and then made the notches with a needle. Pots bought, some painted white. I did not know how to make the spines, so I took thick paint and put tiny drops of it onto the cacti's surface. Still no prickles, but at least some pimples.


"Instruction, Hints & Tips"