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There are LOTS of beautiful miniature-websites.
That's why I divided my mass of links into the following categories:

Left Column - Marvelling
Inspiration  - with "Most exceptional pieces" and "Nice Private Pages"
Shopping I
- with "Artisans" and "Larger Companies"

Right Column - Making
Basics - with "Information" and "Techniques" for makers
Projects - with HowTos divided into "Miscellaneous", "Dolls", "Doll Accessories", "Furniture", "Needlework", Household Items", "Lamps", "Plants", "Food", and "Architecture & Landscaping"
Printies - "Miniatures" and "Real Size"
Shopping II - DIY Supplies, divided into "Information, Plans & Patterns", "Material", "Tools", "Building Components" and "Kits 'n Bits"
Groups -
Links to online discussion boards and to various associations.

More Information, Directories and Linklists

This list also serves as my private bookmark list; so please be patient about all these remarks on my personal preferences...  ;-)
Please email me for dead links or mistakes.


Most exceptional pieces
(I'll never be able to afford)

Ability of Dollhouse - An Artist from Japan. You probably cannot read anything, but this doesn't matter. Just click on any link you like - there is always something shockingly beautiful behind!
Alice Zinn - She makes incredibly realistic birds and animals. Look out for the peacocks, the flamingos and Fawkes the phoenix
The Titania Palace- Made 1907/1922 in Dublin by Sir Nevile Wilkinson. An absolutely astonishing piece made from 100-year old mahogany and bronce.
If you want to see other remarkable old dollshouses from European toy museums, type "Puppenhaus" into the Toy Muse search box on the left.
(Nov 2007: Obviously, they have a problem with their server. I'll leave the link here for while, hoping that they will be able to mend the problem.)
Cristina Noriega - Scenes like the 19th century gymnasion, the vintage dentist, the filmset (...) will leave imprints on your minimind
Lady Jane's Greenhouses - The most beautiful homes mini plants can have
Minimotion- The amazing works of Steve Weller and Tori West. She obtained the status of a fellow at the InternationaI Guild of Miniature Artisans (IGMA) in the field of animals. They also make animated minis, like a witch stirring her cauldron while a lazy cat watches a mouse run over the kitchen floor.
Rik Pierce - Castles and fantasy buildings. He has so many admirers, he should run a fanclub. Go and see why: His Webshots.
Mark Turpin- An architect who makes stunning miniature rooms and houses.
Miniature Plants by Beverly Gallerani - They are so realistic!
James Carrington - Wonderful charakter dolls. He's my favorite dollmaker.
Goliath Miniatures - Exceptionally detailed historic buildings
Karin Corbin - Amazing structures, she's much admired for her tudor houses.
Antique Miniature Art Collection - A wonderful house filled with art obejcts. I love the hall with the stairs, woodwork, and columns.
Kerri Pajutee - IGMA Fellow. Incredibly realistic animals.
Pierre Mourey, France - Louis XV / Louis XVI furniture, scientific objects, musical instruments
John Hodgson - Amazing historic (i.e. Louis XVI, again) furniture by IGMA fellow John Hodgson
Pete Acquisto - Silversmith. You won't believe this is 1:12!
Urban Fairies
- This is the miraculous story of a town and its fairy inhabitants. You can see the little doors of their dwellings on lots of private and official buildings...

Nice Private Pages

Anner Gerdes- Lovely houses, i.e. "Mossy Manor" and the "Hollow Lodge"
E.& O. Anderson's Historic House - A Miniature version of their historic home. See pictures of the real house and marvel at the wonderful Miniature.
Atie Jonkers' Conservatory and Garden - I think Atie found some nice solutions for landscaping and plant making
Anita Morig - Inspring rooms.
Betsy Niederer - Delicious Delights
Droomhuis - A Durch house, built with extraordinary attention to details
Mary Ann's Miniatures - Beautiful strcutures, like a Harry Potter Castle and Hagrids Hut. The Walls were made using DAS air drying clay.
Webshots of Dr.Bob - He seems to be the one to ask with almost every DIY-question...
Jo's Dollhouse - Some of her dolls, houses and items are breathtaking
SP Miniatures - This isn't really a private page, but look at their compound - a whole complex of buildings in 1/12 - very impressive!
A victorian hatshop- Inspiration for our own project
Extreme Dollhouse Makeover- This woman obviously has extraordinary patience, imagination, and skills. Watch her house transform on over 80 pictures.
A gypsy wagon- by Larry Haynes.

Sally Wallace' "To dream of a dollhouse"- She shows how she created a dollhouse factory in 1/12th scalce from a structure made by Jeremy Collins, Gable End Designs
Aqualus' Webshots - This is a direct link to her 1/24 garden, which I really like, especially the birth bath and potting shed
Betsies Miniatures - a nice little scene with that lovely "handmade" apperance is her Shell Shop
Chris Walton - Shared albums with various little scenes, some gardens.
New Zealand Museum- some historical scenes
The Sandlot- A great inspiring project. Lots of DIY tips.
Carolyn, Maple Leaf Miniatures - Medieval Dining Hall - Attic Sewing Room
Mini Mundus Shopping Mall - "The largest miniature shopping mall of the world". - Miniature workshops and garages, scales from 1:16 to 1:25.
Lindas Puppenhaus - Click on "Villa Linda" - nice landscaping! (German)
Jeannettes Puppenhaus - Lots of houses and miniatures to look at. I liked the plants very much (the "Schefflera", as we call it, is wonderful). Jeannette also provides an extensive linklist.
The Lighthouse of Nimmerya
Sammlerliebe- Herb Seller's Cart
Charlotte - Roomboxes. I liked the way she uses and divides the space, like on picture no.1.
Lisan's Webshots - quick and easy transformation of the sugarplum cottage into a rustic wizard's home. Nice ideas for decorating - i.e. the exposed brick in the The Arthur's kitchen
Irmgards Miniaturen - Storybook Cottage, A Rik Pierce Lesson. I also like what she did in her Ikea Boxes
Victoria - I like her garden shed.
Connie of TheChinaDoll - Amazing Tudor House - presented among other miniature projects
Caroline Mockett - Houses and Rooms of Caroline Mockett
NEW!Bettina Kahnt - She's building a big house and fills it with lots of fine handmade miniatures.

(in alphabetical order)

A & G Sledge - Miniature furniture (UK)
Alice Minis 4all - Hand painted furniture for Dolls Houses, with the accent on Shabby Chic style (Netherlands)
Alice Zinn - Realistic birds and animals. - Lifelike flowering plants and shrubs, kits, accessories.
A.M.S.I - Miniature landscaping
Ann Fisher - Fimo Food, nice arrangements. (Also worth looking at: Her raggedy dolls and especially the detailed, lovely toys)
Anita M- Miscellaneous Miniatures
Arlette's Miniatures - Upholstered dolls house furniture - Finest metal works, walking sticks and more (Germany)
Atelier Liselijn - Delicate glassware, Cakes, detailed handcrafted unpainted furniture. (Netherlands)
Avon Miniatures - Beautiful china
Barb Plevan - Beautiful items, flowers and plants for your miniature garden
Barbara Brear - Mini books
Barbara ("Bubba") - Handcrafted primitive country furniture
Barbara Moore, Pear Tree Miniatures - Miniature Furniture inspired by real antiques (UK)
Beverly Gallerani - Realistic miniature plants.
Bonnie Lavish- Flowers/Flowerkits. Laser cut, very detailed and delicate.
Box of Trix, Yvonne Moxon - I am fascinated with her mini and non-mini work (i.e. the sealife mirrors)
Brooke Tucker
Camille Allen - Incredible miniature babies that look like life. Some in larger scales.
Candlelight Dolls - one-of-a-kind handmade historic dolls
Carol and Bob Wagner of BobnCar -  Carol Wagner has stunning abilities to make roses and other flowers look natural
Ceynix- Located in the UK, they make wonderful trees.
Cheri Steward @ - Animals, birds, plants Your home handcast in miniature (small scale)
Cristina Noriega - Scenes and things, made at a very high skill level
Colin Bird - Miniature Furniture. High-level craftmanship. His chairs, for instance, are mostly copies of those on display in a chair museum.

Corona Dolls - Handmade dolls from the UK
Country Contrast (UK) - Bob Vincent makes medieval and period Food, Kitchenware and Household Items. The Scenes created with their stock are very inspiring!
Crown Miniatures - Handmade miniatures of original crown jewells from all over the world. (UK)
Da Windischi - Figures are painted metal. Erotica, animals, and more. I love the cats! German.
Daisy-May Minis - Fimo Food
Dana of Miniature Art - Wonderful dolls, dressing & wigging tutorials
Diana Wieler - Haute Couture for dolls
Diane Echnoz Almeyda - Miniature Stained Glass & Contemporary Plique-a-Jour Enamels.
Emma Flam and the Mini Man - Very special teapots, Fimo food, painted furniture, accessories (France)
Ellen Crane - Miniatures and Lasercuts. I like her Gothic / Estate Gates & Fences and her Staines Glass Greenhouses.
Fantasias - Handcrafted Miniature Dolls & Accessories
Franal - Miniature bridal designs - Beautiful handcrafted English dollshouses
Galina - Exquisite livelike miniature dolls.
Garie Sims - Singapore Designer and Artist. I love his animals made of pipe cleaner and FIMO, and his Children's projects
Gerda Weitz - Famous for her pretty untidy libraries, this is Shabby Chic in miniature! (Germany)
Goliath Miniatures - Exceptionally detailed historic buildings
Grandad's Playroom - Some lovely tudor houses, medieval lamps and candles that actually burn.
Irmgards Miniarche - Realistic furry animals (squirrels, owls, some dogs, and another Fawkes). (Germany)
James Carrington - Wonderful charakter dolls.
Janas Minibücher - Jana from Berlin (Germany) makes miniature books
Jenny Wren Miniature Friends - miniature animals
Jeremy Collins of Gable End Designs - Houses, brickwork, rainwater goods, kitchen sinks, cookers (UK)
Joan's Wee Trees - Miniature Treehouses & Display Cases.
John Hodgson - Amazing historic (i.e. Louis XVI) furniture by IGMA fellow John Hodgson
Hannekie - Handpainted miniature furniture (Netherlands).
Hazel Dowd's Littlepeople - Dolls, hats, accessories, ribbons 'n lace, dollmaking workshops.
Helena - Fashion dolls in miniature. - Wooden Miniatures, wonderful (expensive) tools (Germany).
Joy Parker - Dolls, Dolls kits, patterns, hats wigs workshops and more
Karen Fitzhenry - Period rocking horses faithfully reproduced in Miniature
Kathi Mendenhall of La Petite Belle - Fashion for Miniature dolls. Inspirational site with patterns and tutorials for sale.
Kathy's Bonsai and Miniatures
Kerri Pajutee - IGMA Fellow. Incredibly realistic animals.
KG Miniatures- A thai artist. Wonderfully delicate flowers.
Knight Time Miniatures - Medieval accessories etc. (UK)
Lady Jane's Greenhouses
Llarrianne's Small Wonders - Wonderful period furniture, character dolls, and more.
Lucy Maloney or Your dog Forever - Miniature Designer Dogs - Very exquisite!!
Ludwina Akbulut-Van Oosterwyck - Miniature Carpets made by a textile designer from Belgium.
Marcys Claypen - Fimo Food and Figures
Mark Turpin- Rooms and houses. - Musical Instruments
Miniaturen-Schneider - Fimo-Food (nice lobster and pork), German.
Minikim - Handcrafted, Detailed, One-Inch Scale, Miniature Foods
Minimanor - Furniture, Accessories, Cats & Dogs
Minimotion-  Steve Weller and Tori West. Animals, Animated minis ...
Minitaly - Fimo Food and more from Italy
Miniwizz - Easel, chessboard ... - Linda Master - Wooden urns and handcarved, handpainted miniature animals.
Olde Mountain Miniatures - Wonderful online shop. Leaded windows, hardware, and furniture that look like they are a hundred years old! Very special items, like iron bolts for doors, "tin" candle molds, "cast iron" mortar & pestle, bellows, ten different shapes of andirons from different periods and places...
Patricia Paul Miniatures - IGMA fellow - Furniture and accessories for a witchs, a wizards or a haunted house - The plants and scenes of Bob and Era Pearce
Pearl Jordan - Character Dolls
Pete Acquisto - Silversmith.
Pierre Mourey, France - Louis XV / Louis XVI furniture, scientific objects, musical instruments Doll house lights
Rik Pierce - Castles and fantasy buildings.
RioRondo - Miniature Horses and saddles - The nicest mini ceramics I have seen on the net - detailed floral designs. Rustic pots. The homepge says  they're soon gonna start with brass and terracotta stuff.
Small Scale - Geoff and Joyce Lewis from the UK. I like their tudorstyle furniture and the blacksmith!
Smaller Than Life - Pam & Pete Boorum, IGMA Artisans, sell hand-crafted wooden ware - Paola Ojeda & Alvaro Rodriguez - Furniture and accessories - gentleman's accessories (pipes, guns...), historic cameras (90Euros), telescopes, grammophones, silverware, delicate furniture
Tammy's Heirlooms- Exceptional Furniture
Tim Sheppard of Lilliput Press - Fine books in miniature.
Todd Krueger - "Realistic Fantasy" figures, animals
Wren Song Miniatures -  Various exotic 1/12 designs, including tables, lamps, chandeliers, floral arrangements and accessories.
Vernon Pottery - Miniature wheel thrown pottery bei IGMA fellow Eileen Vernon
NEW! Weaverlili - IGMA Artisan. Handwoven rugs, wooden looms, easels, etc.
Woodart - Wood turnings and high-end kit-bashed Mini Mundus (Germany)

Larger companies doing mail-order
(in alphabetical order)

Ann Marie Miniatures - High quality counters, shop fittings, or furniture for your miniature shop, pub, or dolls house. (UK)
Belara Beach - Artisan Miniatures: Food, Plants, Furniture... I love the tomato plants.
Bits'n Pieces Online - Joni's Shop with lots of artists' works for sale
Craft Club - Anything for your workshop, also kits and miscellaneous miniatures
Crea-Mini - German Online Shop with a wide range, the school items are nice
De Stolp- Minis from the Netherlands. - Shop in Paris, Montmatre (France). I found many items that seemed quite unique, like a foldable attic ladder. The houses seem to be quite reasonably priced.
The Dollshouse Emporium- UK - USA
NEW!Fine Flowers In Miniature - Laser cut paper and wooden kits plus accessories and tools from the USA and UK in 12th to 576th scales
Forget-me-not Miniatures - Handmade furniture and accessories (UK)
Gaden Puppenhaus - Shop in Hamburg (Germany). The owner is the one who built the famous Mini Mundus Shopping Mall. - German online toy store. This is a direct link to a product (wine set) I want to purchase later.
Hahn Musik Boutique - Among real size items they also sell some miniature music instruments.

JB's - Doll Houses and Miniatures in Yuma, Arizona
JoJays- Nice white metal furniture, among other things.
La Maison De Caroline - Exquisit furniture and houses out of the ordinary (Trianon, France)
Laura Anne Dolls Houses - Houses, accessories, furniture. Lots of Victorian and Tudor-style stuff. (UK)
Little Lamplighter Miniatures - Dollhouse lights and more (USA)
Maple Street - Claims to be the largest dolls house and miniature shop in Europe (UK).
A Miniature Marvel - Dolls Houses, Dolls House Furniture and Dolls House Accessories (UK) USA - Marilyn Zimmerly's online shop has all the Christmas stuff little people might wish for.
Mini Mundus - The German dinosaur in the miniature business.
They now started doing mail order.
Minst - MiniThings by Cilla Hallbert (Europe)
Moni's Schnick-Schnack- The Mayers run a larger shop that also does mail-order, located in the Allgäu, Germany
Mystic Rose - Fimo fruits, Antique Lace, etc. - Shop in Paris (France). They sell a wide range of miniatures, and plans for exclusive houses, roomboxes and shops.
Puppenstuebchen - German ebay store.
Raabe & Raabe GmbH- Germany. They sell the German brands, much of the Eurominis stuff and other imports.
Doreen Jeffries of Small Wonders - The English seem to be especielly good at pup and garden supplies. I also love the soft toys she sells.
SP Miniatures

The Special Shop- Located in Alzenau / Hörstein, Germany
Stewart Dollhouse Creations- I believe they focus on food and furniture.
Swan House Miniatures
The Vintage Dollhouse Shop

Welt der Puppen - German shop for dolls and miniatures. They sell unique items like a wheel chair, an aquarium, a saddle etc.
ZaMI - Zanella Miniaturen - Franz Zanella makes 25 different scenes like toy-shops, kitchens, dentists`- and doctors`practices, with all the items belonging to them.

(see also: Sources)

Puppenhausmuseum Basel
MiniaturMuseum Arikalex - Berlin. Contains Merlin's cellar, gothic houses and towers, the Palazzo Vendramin Calergi from Venice, with equipment from the renaissance, Rococo castle Sans Souci, houses resembling Biedermeier, Jugendstil, Gründerzeit, Turn of the Century, the style of Gaudi (Spain), modern ones, and various other excellent miniatures.
Miniature Museum of Lyon (France) - Click on "Les Collectiones"



Information for the DIYer

Miniwizz - Tools that every miniaturist should know (if not own...)
Zooplies - Scale Conversion Tool
Virtual Dollhouse - Scale Conversion Chart
This to That - Information on the proper use of glue
Colorschemer - The basic laws of color interplay accessible via a simple program - Lots of information on interior decoration, focus on colors and colorschemes (German) - Interior decorating ideas, lots of useful tips.
Virtual Dollhouse & Miniatures Exchange - Interior design tips & principles
Historic Colors -  External Color Guide (Detroit)
Dulux - A collection of historic colors from the Edwardian era and an explanation of the colors.
Brick Industry Association - Technical notes on brick construction
Traditional Roofing - Series of articles (How-Tos on European and American slate roofs)

Doing research for a special project?
Maybe you'll find some useful stuff on
my "Sources" page.


Cynthia Howe - How to print on fabric
History and Fantasy Arts - Mold Making - How to make a hollow mold - 1700 pages of information on polymer clay techniques
Tori West - General Guidelines for working with Creative Paperclay
History and Fanatsy Arts - Sculpting building components
Chuck Holcomb - Various great tips - i.e. turning without a lathe, alternate materials for stone etc.
MiniWizz - Mitering wood. Which ancles for which sort of struct
Butterfly Dreams - How to make up Printables

Frooition Blog - Miniature Photography: How to get perfect product photographs
Freshfodder - Miniature Photography: How to make a light box for $ 0


Craft Club- On their startpage they offer a list of projects to be downloaded as pdf files.
Sudene- A Belgian page. Various projects, i.e. how to make glasses, bottles etc. from empty ampoules. Descriptions are in French, but you can understand everything from the pics.
Jean Day- How to make a straw hat and more; some printables
Minis4All- miscellaneous projects
Miekes Mini Wereld - Landscaping, Dogs from Chenille Wire (It's Dutch, but you'll understand everything from the pics)
Dollhouse on a Shoestring.
The legendaryGSOLFOT Lessons - They seem to have changing content here.The project of Nov. 2006 for instance was a lovely wee dollshouse kitchen for your dollshouse.
Melanie's Tips & Ideas - Decorating techniques, and more.
Mini Works - toys, a stove, wicker stuff etc.
Harmonia - Several small projects, most using paper
M.E.O.W. - Miniature Enthusiasts of Winnipeg - Various hints and tips sent in by club members
Poucelina - Various nice projects (furniture, instruments, whole scenes) in different scales (French)
Dolls House Parade - UK - One of the greatest sites with misc. projects, hints, and tips.
Ann Vanture of Paperminis - Various Minis made from paper, these are tutorials, not printies. Ann has a free club and offers complimentary printable projects for many scales each month, all you have to do is email her to join at Her list is kept private! - Several free projects, i.e. Sept.06: Deluxe Hatbox.
Fiddlersgreen.Net - Mini aircraft paper models
Garie Sims - Singapore Designer and Artist. I love his animals made of pipe cleaner and FIMO, and his Children's projects

Dolls and other Creatures - Tips and Hints (materials and colors) for making dolls (German) - How to make a FIMO doll (Step by Step with pictures, instructions in Danish) - How to make a mold from a FIMO model
Joy Parker - A lady doll with a felt body
Modelmaker S.Kohlmann - How to Paint a Miniature (German)
Michael Immig & Dirk Stiller of - How to paint a figure to become lifelike (German)
Cynthia Howe - How to paint a china doll.
Dana of Miniature Art - How to assemble a doll. Dana has a lot of other tutorials on her website (Dana's tutorial list)

Kerri Pajutee - IGMA Fellow. How to scuplt and flock realistic animals. Click on "Techniques"
Lyn - a Fairy or Gnom
Tori West- Ghosts

Doll Accessories

Wings'n Things - From Image to Outfit ... How to Create a Pattern
Sudene - Several sorts of clothes
Cybthia Howe - Scarlett O Hara's Costume
My Mini World - Period Evening Dresses
By Rachelle - Faux Smocking Nightgown
Mondes Miniatures - Motorbike riding dress
About.Com- Raincoat
Joy Parker - Silk Ribbon Roses, Pattern for a girl's dress, stockings, silk slippers, fimo buttons
Loes Snoody- Lingerie (Dutch)
Jean Day - Straw hat, dresser sets, and more - Straw Hat
Loes Snoody - Crocheted Hat (Dutch)
Sudene - Set of parasol, hat and gloves - Lady's parasol (Italian)
Smallwoodvillage - UK - Working parasol - Shoes
Dana of Miniature Art - Sandals
Sudene - Boots
Butterfly Dreams - High heels
Dana of Miniature Art - Jewellry
Jana's Minibücher -  Delicate necklace (click "Workshops". Instructions in German.)
Minidolls.Com - Fan - A school case
Minipearls - A carpet bag, a fancy pheasant hat, a lovely fishing creel
Minipitou - Mini Handbags (French)
Sudene - Suitcase (French)
Anita Loermans - Suitcase (Dutch)


Klara Meyer- from the Netherlands. She presents a wickerchair workshop - Big wooden plant stand
Joopweijerstrass - Shop furniture or kitchen cupboard (Dutch)
Steve and Anns - Chest of Drawers
Ma Maison De Poupee - Several Furniture Plans (French)
Zooplies Miniatures - Several Furniture Plans
Mini Moi - Patterns for painting "primitive rural" furniture
Alice - Mission style bedroom furniture
Tout En Miniscule - Bed and Bedside Table - Click on Projets
Butterfly Dreams - Shaker Bench
Mini Minute - Wrapped Chair
Sudene - Another wrapped chair (with a wicker seat).
Sudene - A wash stand / table.
Stello`s Mini Stuff - Quick and easy office chair
Zaturn - Armchair
D.Akker - Armchair (Dutch)

Needlework Tips on miniature needlework - Free needlepoint charts
Dancing Violet Designs - Rug Patterns - Knitting patterns

Household Items

Silly Sisters- A featherduster
The Poly Parrot- Bubble vases or urns
Miniwizz - A copper hood for your kitchen. Extra tip: I read that you can age copper with a solution of vinegar and salt; for details search the Small Stuff Archives, accessible via the link under "Groups".
Kim's Projectlist - A scratching post, among others - A brilliant and cheap way to make beautiful plates and bowls - Large Iron Stove - Coal Bucket
Alice - Wicker pet basket - Basket Weaving
Sue Heaser at PCC - Victorian bird cage
Jean Day - Printable aquarium with fish
Smallwoodvillage - UK - Scent bottles, Toiletries  - Fruit Crate
Madison of OnTheScene - Simple Vintage Cases from match boxes
Butterfly Dreams -  Bathroom mirror - Simple method, great result!
Mis Hellys Zoo - Bath scale (great project!)
Sudene - Tiger skin - French Knot Comforter
Charlotte -  Directions for bows (i.e. for decorating christmas presents)
Zaturn's Projects - Photoalbum, Book

Lamps - Big Chandelier (Dutch)
Mondes Miniatures - Working Chandelier - Lamps for your hallway (Danish) - Various other lamps (Danish) - A Tiffany Lamp (Dutch)
Lorrie - Non Working Tiffany Lamp
Melody Zwarts - Working Table Lamps
Anita Loermans - Outdoor light (Dutch)
Sudene - Petroleum lamp (French)
Mimi - Basic construction principles for 4 sorts of lamps (French)


Tiny Minds - Paper flowers (daffodils).
Dollhouse Miniatures Club
- Make plants using nailpolish Fir trees Tips on making punched flowers, landscaping, making miniature flower arrangements, leaf templates to cut and paint
Cotton Ridge Designs- Topiary tree project Pansies from punched paper Gladiolus
Amsi - How to make a big tree from wire.
Tori West - How to create a (scary) tree from creative paperclay - Clay roses.
Polymer Clay Central - Lovely orange tree. - Philidendron, Aralia, Primula, Bonsai, Fern, Forsythia (Danish)
Small Stuff- Cyclamen by Dorothée Chabot
Minipearls - Oak Tree
Sue Garland, UK - Cold porcelain flower tutorials - Foxgloves and other flowers.
Dollhouse Decor  - quick ferns and flowers
La Vie en Miniature - Green plant. Its French, but understandable from the pics - just keep clicking on "Voir la photo"  ;-)
Mondes Miniatures - Flowers from dried floral parts
Charlie's - Clay Flowers
Monica Resta - Calla
Hobby-Party.Com - Osterkaktus. This is the German name. I have no clue what this plant is called in English... ;)


Mary Eccher - Pannikins Polymer Clay Projects
Mini Works - Fimo Veggies
Angie Scarr - Her Famous Fimo Oranges
Allyson's Miniatures - Ideas for non-Fimo food
Cotton Ridge Designs - Raspberry-filled Coconut cake
Polymerclayexpress - Lots of fruit and vegetables, some accesories - Melone and Bacon
Megs Minis - Pizza

Architectural Projects & Landscaping

Miniwizz - Casting bricks.
The China Doll -  - Making (brick) stones from egg carton
Pat & Noel Thomas - Fimo bricks, shingles and roof tips
Dollhouse Miniatures - Thatched roof.
Miekes Mini Wereld - Slate Roofing - Stone walls made of egg carton
Miniwizz - Flagstone floor.
Mondes Miniatures - Stone floor
Wilma Kinder - Hardwood floor
Mondes Miniatures - Parquette - Doors (Danish!) - Spiral Stairs
Smallwoodvillage - UK - Easy stairs and spiral stairs
Madison of OnTheScene - Simple rustic fireplace - Mini garden - How to create water, waterfalls, bubbles etc.They explain it for a product called "Scenic Water" but most tricks work with almost every other resin.
History and Fantasy Arts - Tips, Tricks, Techniques for Fanatsy Architecture and Landscaping


Printminis - The fabulous Jim Collins page with all sorts of printies in different scales
Miniaturama- Nice floors, wallpaper and more
Sudene- Fire, Present boxes and many many more (descriptions in French) A wonderful gardenshed!
Dollhouse Miniatures- An U.S. Magazine. On their homepage they present some free mini cutouts.
Boopminis - Lots of printies in various categories
Granny Mel - Antique Newspapers and Magzines - Sheetmusic
Mini Minute - Bedroom Quilts - More than 150 free dollshouse wallpapers
Jean Day - Printable aquarium with fish

Real Size Items
that might be used if printed in reduzed size Antique labels. These are amazing pieces in real size. Just reduce the pictures for your miniature creations. I used some on the paint tins in our workshop. - Old postcards (German) - Original vintage posters - Nostalgic Decor and Collectables Large (!!) Poster and Print Online Store - Old advertisements of "Peter Kölln" - French and Italian Art Posters

DIY - Supplies

Who is Who- A list of shops (mail order) that sell everything for the DIYer (Germany)

Information, Plans & Patterns
Dollhouse Designs - Downloadable detailed building plans
Step by steb workshops- pdf files on various projects, from easy to challenging - Plan for a Victorian House, downloadable as pdf-file - 5 Pages - little charge (French)
Chantal's - Stained Glass Patterns
Minidoll University - Online Dollmaking Classes

Woodart - They sell special stripwood that can be bended without much effort (Buchenbiegeleisten - German).
Format Da- Mail-order supply for architects and other professional model builders, i.e. finest stripwood and veneer. (Germany) One of the growing lot of german scrapbooking suppliers.
Kremer Pigmente- They have over 500 sorts of pigments and claim to have the world's largest offer of antique pigments, for artists and restorators. They also sell elaborate building material, various sorts of gesso, and two or three dozen different sorts of varnish. They also have some shops, one located in NYC.
Conrad Elektronik - German model builders supply. Go there for the findest brass tubes, wires, veneer etc. (German)

Creative Paperclay - The modeling material. - Victorian lace.
Scenic Water - Scenic Water is a resin system that can be used to simulate moving water.
Tee Pee Crafts - Ribbons, glues, paints, chrystals, to name just a view of their catalogue's contents (UK)
A.M.S.I - Miniature landscaping
Cakes Cookies and Crafts Shop - Sculpey, Liquid Fimo, Mini Cutters, Clay Gun, Craft Punches, Moulds (UK)
Casting for Purls - Miniature knitting ressource

American Science & Surplus - Anything from transistors to mini wheels
Craft Club - Anything for your workshop, also kits and miscellaneous miniatures
Conrad Elektronik - Model builders supply. (German)
Smaller Than Life - Wood crafters who also sell tools.
Tiranti's Sculptors' Tools - (UK)
Joy Parker of Swallow Hill Dolls - Molds for dolls, dishes, planters...
RioRondo - Besides supplies for your mini horsemen they also carry some special tools

Building Components

Gable End Designs - Houses, brickwork, rainwater goods, kitchen sinks, cookers (UK)
Woodlane - Dolls house kits made in the UK. - Dolls house kits made in the UK.
They make extraordinary items, i.e. detailed doors, that cannot be found in every second miniatures catalogue.
World Model- miniature real wood floors, tiles - very special.
North Eastern Sclae Lumber- Moldings, Trim, and more
Sue Cook Miniatures - Wonderful Architectural Designs
The Golden Loon - Miniature Ceramic Tiles
Acorn Crafts - A UK-based dolls house shop with the usual range of miniatures and houses - and a  large variety of mouldings! They sell stencils for bricks, stone & roof tiles. Realistic looking - a good idea!
Dolls House Parade - A full range of DIY products for improving the interior and exterior of your house. (UK) - "Earth" Tiles
Romney Miniatures - Designers and Manufacturers of fine quality Dolls Houses & DIY components in 1/12th & 1/24th scale.(UK)
JSM Miniatures - Specialists in 1/12 Scale Rainwater Fittings for Doll's Houses. (UK)
Miniwizz - Miniature "Ceramic" Tile
Minimanor - Old World Tile
Dollshouse tiles - Floor and wall tiles. Mosaics, borderpacks, truwood.(UK)
DollHouse Portal - Collectable miniatures and do it yourself supplies. Unfinished metal miniatures. (UK)
Hobby's - The Site for Model Makers, Dolls House Collectors, Craft Workers and anyone interested in Hand Made articles.(UK)
Swan House Miniatures - Architecture department
Olde Mountain Miniatures - Door and window hardware.

Kits 'n Bits
KITZ! Miniatures - Miniature Kits of all sorts, by various artists. (USA)
The Craft Pack Company - Kits for all sorts of miniatures Charted, painted, and printed needlepoint and cross stitch kits, and miniature rugs.
Buttercup Miniatures- 1/12th and 1/24th scale knitting and crochet patterns, wool, needles and accessories
Janet Granger - Dollshouse needlepoint embroidery kits: carpets, cushions, footstools, samplers, wallhangings, needlework stands bellpulls and firescreens - BindelsOrnaments sells all sorts of ornaments, especially selected for the Dollshouse and Miniature hobby.
Celcrafts- All sorts of punches for making fimo flowers. (UK)
Polymerclayexpress - Push molds for polymer clay
Kathi Mendenhall of La Petite Belle - Fashion for Miniature dolls. Inspirational site with patterns and tutorials for sale.
Knight Time Miniatures - Medieval embroidery kits and accessories (UK)

Online Groups

Small Stuff - Miniature Digest - Group of dedicated miniaturists. Usually one digest a day. The people here are very willing to help and answer all sorts of questions brilliantly. The Archives are perhaps the most helpful source for miniaturists on the web.
Yahoo Groups - Do a search here and find the groups for your special interests - there are many! Keywords: MSAT (for Mini Scenes And Things), Miniatures, Dollhouse ....
Minis4all - UK based - German Group. Site is packed with information.
Freundeskreis Miniaturisten Deutschland - German Group. They have lively discussions, projects and tips here.
Piepklein e.V.- German Club. Lots of information on events and miniature making in Germany. I believe they also have a shop. Attractive offers for members.
Minidoll List - Online group dedicated to dollmaking with more than 1700 creative members


IGMA - International Guild of Miniature Artisans
NAME - National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts
AMEA - Australien Miniature Enthusiats Association

Want More?
If you couldn't find it here, maybe you can find it there:

More Online Information
Miniature Builder- New (Nov.06) free online magazine for miniature lovers and builders of all scales
The New Small Stuff Archives - Tips, Hints and DIY Info from other miniaturists, gathered over years and sorted into categories - strongly recommended - The miniatures page. Tips, links, news..
Miniature Net -
forum for beginners to learn from other crafters, and locating fellow collectors and creators on the Web
Frills'n Fancy - Minidoll Ezine

1zu12 - Das Magazin - German miniatures magazine
Puppen und Spielzeug - About toys, partly miniatures (German)
Dollhouse Miniatures - US Miniatures magazine, featuring projects, show reviews, selected artists, and more

Minifind - A searchable database of miniature magazine articles

Arnhem Poppenhuisstad - One of Europe's biggest miniature show (Netherlands)
1zu12 - Die Messe - Germany's biggest dollhouse show in Soest (Germany)
MiniaturenART - Süddeutsche Miniaturenmesse (Germany)
Schöne kleine Welt - Gießen (Germany)
Miniatur-Puppenwelt Messetermine - Show schedules (Germany)

Other Linklists
Imagination Mall - Linklist - this is a huge source with links sorted in a range of categories
Poppenhuis @ 2link - Vast ressource covering shops and websites, mainly in Europe (Belgian). - Miniature links
On the Scene - Miniature links - Miniature links (Germany)
Carabosse Dolls - Miniature links
Glassattic - Mini linklist
Miniature Net - Miniature Link Page
Zigzag Polymer Clay Supplies - Links, mostly New Zealnd & Australia
By Rachelle
- Mainly dollmaking links
Miniature Printables Network Ring - The printables ringlink

Other Directories
Minifind - A searchable database of miniature magazine articles
Tiny Teri - List of Miniature shops in the Netherlands and other parts of this world
Poppenhuizen - Shops & Links (not only) in the Netherlands - Show schedules, organizations, shop directory etc. - This is an ambitious project: a web site with search facility that should bring up the names of all dollshouse and miniature traders, makers, crafespeople, shops etc. Temporarly not accessable.
Australien Miniature Enthusiats Association - With retailer/artist directory
Dollshouse Info - Clubs, Shops and Links; mainly in the UK
Miniaturama - Online Forum (French)
Miniatures in Berlin and the wider region - My own list




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